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Though goal 5 is the gender equality stand-alone goal, the SDG's can only be successful if women are completely integrated into each and every goal While a record 143 countries guaranteed equality between men and women in their Constitutions by 2014, another 52 had not taken this step. In many nations, gender discrimination is still woven through legal and social norms.


We can celebrate the great progress the world has made in becoming  more prosperous and fair. But there’s a shadow to the celebration. In  just about every way, women and girls lag behind.


There are still gross  inequalities in work and wages, lots of unpaid “women’s work” such as  child care and domestic work, and discrimination in public decision-  making. But there are grounds for hope. More girls are in school now  compared to in 2000. Most regions have reached gender parity in primary education. The percentage of women getting paid for their work  is on the rise.


Providing women and girls with equal access to education, health care, decent work, and representation in political and economic decision-making processes will fuel sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity at large


The Sustainable Development Goals aim to build on these  achievements to ensure that there is an end to discrimination against  women and girls everywhere.

Global Goal 5 is a little easier to understand right off the bat than some others: Gender equality. Making the world an equal place for all genders. Seems simple enough. But what does this really mean? What exactly does a world with NO gender inequality look like and how does society get there when gender inequality is embedded deep within cultures?

Gender equality means creating a world where girls and women have equal access to education, the job market, respect, and the ability to live freely.

Global Goal 5 seeks a world where health care for women is a priority, girls and women are seen and treated as equals by everyone in the world. It’s developing a world where NO girl ever feels at a disadvantage for being born female or feels shame for having a menstrual cycle.  And a world where girls DO run the world!

Where: worldwide if we do any of these every day, we will achieve good gender equality!

Make sure girls everywhere have access to education, justice and health; Make sure girls and women everywhere have equal and affordable access to health care; Banish period taboos; Support girls and women entering STEM fields...

Are you ready to work towards getting yourself to gender equality status? Where can you start?

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