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Technological progress helps us address big global challenges such as  creating jobs and becoming more energy efficient. For example, the  world is becoming ever more interconnected and prosperous thanks to  the internet.  In terms of communications infrastructure, more than half of the world’s population is now online and almost the entire world population lives in an area covered by a mobile network.


However, the world still has a long way to go to fully tap this potential. Least developed countries, in particular, need to accelerate the development of their manufacturing sector if they are to meet the 2030 target, and scale up investment in scientific research and innovation. 

The more connected we are, the more we can all benefit  from the wisdom and contributions of people everywhere on earth. And yet four billion people have no way of getting online, the vast majority of them in developing countries. The more we invest in innovation  and infrastructure, the better off we’ll all be.


Inclusive and sustainable industrialization, together with innovation and infrastructure, can unleash dynamic and competitive economic forces that generate employment and income. They play a key role in introducing and promoting new technologies, facilitating international trade and enabling the efficient use of resources. 

Bridging the digital divide, promoting sustainable industries, and investing in scientific research and  innovation are all important ways to facilitate sustainable development.

Global Goal 9 is all about finding new ways to build a sustainable future.

This is a big one. Big as in skyscrapers, cargo ships, and building cities. Global Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.  It’s all about building the MOST sustainable future for everyone around the world. As countries build cities or develop economically, Global Goal 9 is here to make sure that this happens in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Here’s what my ideal world looks like in terms of Global Goal 9:

  • Infrastructure: A world with no slums, where everyone has access to sustainable resilient materials to build a safe, secure home. Where rural communities can access markets because roads have been built.

  • Innovation: A world where countries have access equal access to cutting edge technology so humans can advance and progress together.

  • Industry: A world where companies and countries make clean sustainable products using renewable energy and also share innovative knowledge equally with one another. And use raw materials at a sustainable pace.


Are you ready to work towards this goal? When do you want to start?


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