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With more than 840 million people without access to electricity and the energy sector contributing more than 40% of global greenhouse gases emissions, ensuring access to clean, sustainable energy for all is critical. Between 1990 and 2010, the number of people with access to electricity  increased by 1.7 billion. That’s progress to be proud of.


And yet as the  world’s population continues to rise, still more people will need cheap  energy to light their homes and streets, use phones and computers, and do their everyday business. How we get that energy is at issue; fossil  fuels and greenhouse gas emissions are making drastic changes in the  climate, leading to big problems on every continent.


Instead, we can  become more energy-efficient and invest in clean energy sources such  as solar and wind. That way we’ll meet electricity needs and protect the  environment.


At Kikao Cultures platform we provide youth to channel their actions and voices in the energy sector, with emphasis on renewable energy sources. How’s that for a balancing act?

Restaurants. Hospitals. Businesses. Schools. These are all places that require energy. Without it, small businesses like restaurants can’t operate, hospitals can’t refrigerate life-saving vaccines, companies can’t use technology to increase productivity or expand, and schools can’t access online resources. Imagine your life without energy.

Global Goal 7 is about finding a healthy balance between ensuring universal access to energy and limiting energy’s contribution to an unhealthy environment and climate change.

There’s plenty you can do when it comes to promoting affordable and clean energy.You can improve your energy efficiency at home by replacing old appliances with energy-efficient ones, unplugging appliances when they’re not being used, turning down your refrigerator’s temperature to 37 degrees Fahrenheit, and switching to fluorescent lighting.Even better--walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation whenever possible! Worldwide if this is done, we will achieve Affordable and Clean Energy.


Are you ready to work towards this goal? Where can you start?


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