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Every country in the world is seeing the drastic effects of climate change, some more than others. Climate change is affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives. Weather patterns are changing, sea levels are rising, and weather events are becoming more extreme.


On average, the annual losses just  from earthquakes, tsunamis, tropical cyclones and flooding count in the hundreds of billions of dollars. We can reduce the loss of life and property  by helping more vulnerable regions—such as land-locked countries and island states—become more resilient.


Although greenhouse gas emissions are projected to drop about 6 per cent in 2020 due to travel bans and economic slowdowns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, this improvement is only temporary. Climate change is not on pause. Once the global economy begins to recover from the pandemic, emissions are expected to return to higher levels.

It is still possible, with the  political will and technological measures, to limit the increase in global  mean temperature to two degrees Celsius above pre industrial levels—  and thus avoid the worst effects of climate change. The Sustainable  Development Goals lay out a way for countries to work together to meet  this urgent challenge.


The Paris Agreement, adopted in 2015, aims to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change by keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre industrial levels. The agreement also aims to strengthen the ability of countries to deal with the impacts of climate change, through appropriate financial flows, a new technology framework and an enhanced capacity building framework.

Saving lives and livelihoods requires urgent action to address both the pandemic and the climate emergency.

“Climate action” sounds like a pretty vague term. But it basically means doing your part to keep the planet clean and healthy.Reduce, reuse, is still going to be part of climate action so that every person on the planet is aware of what climate change is and what needs to be done to achieve quality air, water and land across the planet.

This is one of the most plausible goals because it’s all about taking ACTION to improve the current state of the earth’s climate. It’s actually doing the things you already know help make the world cleaner. And some of those are small things like recycling plastic bottles, not buying products with packaging you don’t want to see in a landfill or end up in the ocean.

Are you ready to work towards this goal? When and where do you want to start?


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