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I've recently been thinking about something that i will put into perspective. I have noticed that there is a huge gap between PBL and traditional learning. Upon deeper look at the two education systems it’s quite a huge shock with what I found out.

Many students go home having these really, big heavy textbooks that they have to highlight and take notes. And what’s more depressing is that whenever the school wants to incorporate work projects and motivate the students with interesting activities they couldn’t because it wasn’t involved in a big part of the curriculum.

A survey conducted back in 2010 in Turkey estimated that 8 out of 10 students suffer from high rates of depression

and stress due to the culture of Educational Malpractice. Out of that study they conducted that the same kids who tend to suffer from educational malpractice tend to suffer from lot of weight, lose appetite, not have an interest in learning and following their passions, And sadly the last point is going to be shocking but the truth is that most tend to commit suicide. There has not been much of a difference with these findings today. In fact, the situation is worse!

I have a question for teachers out there, “Are you preparing students for the past or the future?”

Now that we got to know about the traditional system Now let me talk about PBL.

You see project-based learning is a student-centered pedagogy that involves a dynamic classroom approach in which it is believed that students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems. Project-based learning helps students develop teamwork and problem-solving skills , along with the ability to communicate effectively with others. The collaborative nature of projects also reinforces the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs being implemented at progressive schools around the world. I just love PBL. I am a huge advocate for it. My sister and i set up this program to enable our peers experience the best of it, actually!!

A study at the University of California found out the profound benefits of (PBL) which included Deeper Engagement, Fosters creativity, Cross-Discipline by design, perseverance and most importantly fun. These are the benefits that will make students become future leaders of the world. I really am looking forward to more experiences where i sharpen my already acquired skills and build on even more!

With over 5 years of PBL experience I have been able to delve deeper into studying what I’m truly passionate about and that has enabled me to have more focus. I also get to learn at my own pace with each day that passes by. And what makes me love PBL even more is the fact that I implement whatever I learn by: Getting to have meaningful conversations with my peers and professionals from around the world, Coming up with projects and at the end of the day I feel proud with what I've accomplished.

What's your take? What's your experience with these and other forms of learning? Do share with me in the comments section.



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