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Collaboration is key in building strong stakeholder relationships which allows organisations, teams and individual team players to support each other and thrive! And it all starts with building, fostering and cultivating an inclusive, collaborative environment.  

One of the most frequent questions that is asked about PBL is “how do we get all of the members to participate in group projects?” We’ve all had moments when it felt like half of the bunch checked out during a group project.

Through meaningful dialogue, learners improve their communication and critical thinking skills.
It requires specific strategies that facilitate meaningful collaboration. When students engage in research, they should be allowed to have individual reading time, where they are able to work at their own level and answer their own questions. As they share ownership in the process, they become systems thinkers and learn to engage in iterative thinking. As they resolve conflict, they grow more empathetic. This is the FPA method that we apply at to create solutions for the 17Global Goals.

Let's meet to share and showcase your experiences - conversations led  by KIKAO CULTURES GLOBAL CITIZENS who are leading the movement of Re-organized Edutainment. If your age is between 8 - 17 years, this is for you!

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